Mrs.Nandhini & Mrs.Bharathi Villa,Neelangarai - Chennai
In today’s economy based world owning a house has become a grave possibility. Apartments have started booming, spoiling the ethics of urban architecture. Some times with nil green space, cramped common space, poor lighting and ventilation in the name of vasthu – apartment are being sold at huge prices, with insufficient parking space, poor maintenance. In the name of developing a social network, security for the habitation, apartments have caught the minds of people logically. But it is always a virtual reality.

  • Based on unifying two houses by looks
  • To avoid the narrowness visually projected by each house
  • 19’0” inner span by breath for each one of the house
  • Deft at combining aesthetics with utility

  • Clustered areas are barely available for habitation
  • Land value is soaring high
  • Challenges due to the land’s physicality

About the Site & Client
  • Spanning a 117’0”x52’0”, the NRI sisters decided to sell the plot, when we proposed to give a hand to chill them