Blossoms Boutique & Parlour - Trichy
The time project of two months covering an area of 1700 sqft, designed with grace applied fusion concepts, monochromes to magnify the area with the dash of oranges and purples, using latest laminates, fabrics, suspended false ceilings extravagant focal walls, relief works, sky lighting, fusion flooring to top it all fitting vasthu points in every aspect is the grandeur of this project. Medium budget yet maximum concept revealed in a short span.

  • The entry, by its look from the road reveals the content to be expected within the boutique
  • Simple pathway with stones leads to the entry made of toughened glass which acts as an expo to mannequins and the cozily yet warm lit polarizing lounge splitting boutique from a saloon
  • The seating occupies customers who have something to see new every time they are there – be it the displays, the relief work on the wall, suspended false ceilings, the glamour partitions uniquely designed reception table enigmatic lighting on the flooring
  • The two hands at right angle – one leads to the boutique, the other to the spa and saloon
  • All modern equipments and gadgets are being used in the spa including and interesting variety of fish pedicure
  • Meticulously designed spa with Jacuzzi and hot water bath is less complete without the space for institute for cosmetology